(An Institution of Vedic Astrological Science)

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(Registered by the Govt. of West Bengal under Act xxvi of 1961)

Registration No: S/IL/47587

Education Center


Balia Nafar Chandra Naskar Road

Garia, Kolkata:700084 (Near Garia Rly.station)

Governing Body:

Shri Suni Ranjan Moitra  (Hon. President & Founder)

Shri Ashutosh Sarkar    (Hon. General Secretary & Founder)

Shri. Rupesh Chakrabarty ( Vice-president )

Shri. Suvojit Moitra ( Asst. General Secretary)

Shri Sankar Sarkar (Hon.  Cultural  Secretary )


  1.  To manifest and elevate the ancient Indian Vedic Shastras is taught here to promote the methodical activities and scientific searches on astrology and its allied subjects.
  2. To establish, found and maintain libraries, reading room. Also to collect and preserve ancient manuscripts and related works in sphere of astrology, arts, cultures and science for students’ benefits and also for research minded astrologers, and interested general public’s.
  3. To commence some professional courses namely, counseling, spirituality based on the Geeta Course and media astrology.
  4. To publish journals, bulletins and magazine etc as well as books of astrology and related subject and also on Indian culture and heritage.
  5. To encourage through provoking and researching oriented ideas.
  6. To communicate astrology based on the methodical and scientific facets.
  7. To uphold the lofty thoughts of our Gurukul Jyotish Vidyapith is free from all kinds of frauds and quacks.
  8. To progress ethical code of conduct is inculcated in the professional astrologers.
  9. To support the poor students, old and invalid astrologers are helped.
  10. To extend the different branches of ‘Gurukul Astro-spiritual Society’ will be set up in various corners of West Bengal ,  out of West Bengal and even aboard.
  11. To correspond with element research minded fellows the society will be always conscious.
  12. To strengthen many other aims and objectives may be introduced in this Gurukul Astro-spiritual Society in accordance with the Managing Committee, if necessary, any of the above may also be changed. 


‘what we see is not everlasting , but what we realize with knowledge seems to be eternal because knowledge is superior to other ingredients by dint of which both visible,  invisible and perceptible can be grasped, this is a sort of knowledge lightens both visible and invisible aspects in the universe as a foundation of profound realization based on knowledge resulted in Vedic fervor called Rig Veda, which is the cradle of ken relating to astrology. The Veda is the Royal road to the most esoteric wisdom in India.

Having delved into the Indian Vedic Literature it is conspicuous that Astrology is one of the six appendixes called Vedanga. It is called the Jyotisha Vedanga. Even the ‘Yajna Valka Smriti’ speaks of fourteen sources of knowledge. Astrology is one of those sources of knowledge. However, Vedic culture is the cultivation of knowledge in respect of the vast creation with regard to astrology. On the basis of the proliferated facets ‘knowledge’ is headed into a set of scriptures(i.e shastras). So, ‘Jyotisha’ denotes the ancient Vedic India. Here Vedic knowledge is the knowledge of the essence which has kept on existing the basic creation respecting the universe. In accordance with Veda, Vedic astrology means the sight of the Vedas. It says that ‘jyoti’ means ‘light’ or ‘eye’ or ‘sight’ on the one hand, on the other hand ‘ish’ derived from the provenance ‘ishwara’ means ‘God’ or ‘Nature’.  The Veda is the best philosophy and literature to serve as a great therapy to assuage the agony of human mind dissipating its miracle power in the midst of Vedic astrology.

So, the veda is the enlightenment of the specific manifestation regarding creation amid astrology. Philosophy represents three main streams namely, idealism, pragmatism and naturalism. All people , however they may be, belong to this three categories of philosophy directly or indirectly. So, we all are in the realm of labyrinth concerning Vedic Knowledge that begets astrology. After all , it means to awaken and stir the ‘inner being’ in all relying on ‘Hora’, ‘Ganitha’ and ‘Samhita’ keeping an eye on the traditional elements. 

 However Vedic astrology is an ilk of analysis and forecasting procedure involved in employing a diagram of positions the various planets related to the earth and the sky regarding the time and place of a person’s birth. The notion pervades throughout the sphere  of the Vedic Astrology from dawn to the present amidst divine sources namely Trinity Thought regarding  Brahma , Bishnu and Maheswara.  Here are some Rishis such as Garga, Agasta , Parasara etc those who the first teachers of astrology, and they are the most ancient astrologers. In wider sense, astrology speaks of different branches of science and literature, so it is called the sacred science. It is every obvious that both Western and Eastern have coincided into the elevated theme of the vedic astrology which is the main objective of this institution, Gurukul Jyotish Vidyapith. Yoga is one of the best stages to enhance the morbid feeling to realize the very heart of all beings in panoramic outlook of Vedic arena. So, astrology can be structured in thought and theme of ‘Yoga’ and ‘Spirituality’ which are the realible parts of subject pertaining to the brochure of ‘Gurukul Jyotish Vidyapith’.