Benefits of Astrology

he riches of Astrology can be known by swimming in this vast ocean. Varah Mihir, Ancient Vedic Astrologer, 479 A.D. The above saying explains the depth and magnitude of the most versatile Indian science Astrology. Astrology is a science to study stars, their friendships, their enmity, their co- existence and above all their impact on human beings.

Benefits of Palmistry

No machine or gadget in the world has been made which can be as efficient and effective as a hand. One’s hand is the mirror of one’s life path. Unlike horoscopes, hand of a person, its lines keep on changing. Thus hand shows a person’s life path with his present karma also.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Aryan Science of construction which is approximately 5000 years old. Vastu Shastra is one of the part of 64 divine artrs that includes Vastu Kala (art of construction), Murti Kala (art of sculpture) and Chitra Kala (art of drawing).Vastu Shastra is a sub-part of Atharvaveda, popularly known as Sthapatya Veda.


‘what we see is not everlasting , but what we realize with knowledge seems to be eternal because knowledge is superior to other ingredients by dint of which both visible, invisible and perceptible can be grasped, this is a sort of knowledge lightens both visible and invisible aspects in the universe as a foundation of profound realization based on knowledge resulted in Vedic fervor called Rig Veda, which is the cradle of ken relating to astrology. The Veda is the Royal road to the most esoteric wisdom in India.

Prof. Sunil Ranjan Moitra, President & Vice Principal

Dr.Rupesh Chakraborty, Vice president & Professor Ashutosh Sarkar, G.S. & Principal sankar Sarkar Cultural secretary & editor

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