EDITOR : Sankar Sarkar  ( Kolkata , India)


Acharya Shripadray Kulkarni (Assoc. Editor, Karnataka, India)

Astrologer Lars C. Panaro (Sub-editor, NY, USA)

Dr.Deeptangshu Shastri ( Co-ordinator),

Asha Shastri (Co-ordinator)

Astro.Prof.Reena Paul (Assoc. co-coordinator)

Acharya Abhijit Guha ( Marketing dept.),

Acharya Atanu Bhattacherjee( Marketing dept.)

Astro.researcher Arnab Kumar Saha ( Marketing dept.),

Jyotish Shastri Kasturi Ghosh ( Editing dept.), 

Acharya Kalyan Shastri (Marketing dept.),

Astrologer Sipan Biswas ( Marketing dept.), 

Jyotish Shastri Mala Pal (Assoc. coordinator),

Astrologer Smt.Indrani Roy ( Assoc. Coordinator),

 Acharya Tithi Pramanik (Assoc. coord ) ,

Dr.Prof.Ramesh Waygaonkar ( Guest Coordinator),

Jotirvid Sourav Max Chakraborty ( Marketing dept.)

Astrologer Ritwik Chakrabory(Marketing dept.)

Editorial Words:

No thought is caught in knot of the worldly agenda relating to the relativity of cosmic perspectives by the sophisticated gods on this earth without questing after the mystic paths of life leading to salvation of corporeal body. Under avalanche of mundane stress we are prone to forget our own identity to keep balance between the physique and psyche apropos of universal outlook. Having reached on the threshold of modernity the man has been too oblivious to sustain the basic existence of philosophy related to life & birth along with the Vedic classic favor. Under compulsion of recondite verve I take the pen to pen a few words in accordance with the tune of cadence of spirituality in the midst of yogic notion. I sense proud of availing myself of having come in contact with many a sacred thought and idea rooted in the very heart of this vast creation through delving into the Vedic Astrology, where ‘Gurukul’ serves like a rhythm in the rhyme of the ancient Vedic literature which is amalgamation of all subjects, such as literature, science, philosophy, and also a source of all knowledge & facts related to Cosmology, Theology, Epistemology and Ideology. I do think ‘Gurukul’ is one of the majestic palaces of the noble lovers of astrology replete with sundry mysterious resources and future possibilities to play an altruistic role like the estuary where all streams of astrology across the world may feel to merge into this philanthropic endeavor. Irrespective of caste and creed I greet all the fond readers with deep gratitude to ‘Gurukul’ on behalf of ‘Gurukul Astro-spiritual Society’; I shall also be glad if this message is able to touch and assuage the anguish of all sorts of the astro-lovers who lie strewn here and there like the precious pearls and gems along the unending path of possibility in the vast arena of astrology. It is what I say, feel and realize to share this with everybody to cogitate to espouse and enhance the magnanimous dignity of Indian Vedic Astrology amid collective exertion. It is so-called a harbinger of resurgence of astrology in the midst of evolution of innovative strategies. There are five top countries out of which Indian astrology deserves a very exceptional and outstanding cadence of the Vedic tune that overflows the astrology in the Great Britain, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal & USA. So, this ‘Gurukul’ is open to all astrologers to express their thoughts and ideas irrespective of caste and creed.                                                   

                                        Astro.Prof.Sankar Sarkar (Editor)


I feel glad to express my deep gratitude to all astro-lovers and renowned astrologers on behalf of ‘Gurukul Jyotish Vidyapith’ under ‘Gurukul Astro-spiritual Society (GASS). It is our new approach to publish the ‘GURUKUL’ a bi-lingual magazine with innovative thoughts and ideas. I am hopeful that our sincere efforts will be fruitful in presence of your friendly support always.

By Prof. Sunil Ranjan Maitra (President & Vice-Principal)

The ‘GURUKUL’ is an innovative attempt to bring renaissance in the astrological world, especially Vedic Astrology for all sorts of astrologers under ‘Gurukul Astro-Spiritual Society’  I am heartily proud of  Mr.Sankar Sarkar (Editor),  S.Kulkarni (Associate Editor) & Lars C.Panaro ( Sub-editor, USA) and all committee members whose sincere effort causes this great achievement and revolution in the new streams of thought and ideas related to astrology.

 By Dr. Rupesh Chakraarty ( Vice-president & Sn.professor)

Absolutely it is a great pleasure that we have been able to publish our astrological magazine ‘GURUKUL’ at last.  I do believe this ‘Gurukul’ will quench the thirst of all type of astro.lovers with new thoughts and ideas. Those who have written for this magazine are all well educated, distinguished and erudite astrologers. Besides, our ‘Gurukul’ is also open to all new astrologers and loving readers who find it difficult to convey their ideas and outlooks regarding astrology. I think the readers’ inspiration is our main back-up. I am very much thankful to the editor including all members of Magazine committee for their tireless endeavor to bring out this dream.

By  Principal  Ashutosh Sarkar ( General Secretary & Principal)

A few words from Assoc. Editor:

Vedic or Indian astrology is the outcome of fertile wisdom of the great Indian seers. In Vedic astrology three tools are employed for prediction ie; Jaathaka (horoscope), Goachara (Transit) and Prashna (Horary). These tools are based on eternal time and space. Hence, it is described as the “the study of human experiences – Past, Present and Future, on the background of time and space”. It is still debatable as to how the seers found the relation between time, space, zodiac, planets and human experiences. But all universal phenomena are influenced by celestial bodies transiting the sensitive points of the zodiac. The impact of the celestial bodies influences the human beings, at the time of birth, at the time of daily experience and at the time of thinking of outcome of a particular action or event. These are called Jaathaka, Goachara and Prashna in order. During these occasions, the planetary influence is found to be working. The seers or Pravartakas of astrology observed the human experiences and analysed, synthesized them and codified the causes and effects. Thus Astrology can be called as the sum total of these causes and effects. The Apostle said – “As the body is of many parts, yet all are members of one body, so are we all members of one body”. Astrology illustrates this in teaching us the relationship between the heavens and the human being, the operation of the laws whereby the part (human being) is a member of the whole and participates in the influence of the whole. So we can conclude that the science of astrology lays before the intelligent mind, a mine of information regarding human nature and human life. It provides a set of keys that gives access to many unknown things. Only a systematic, dedicated study of Astrology alone can help us to guide in the right direction.“Pratyaksham Jyothisham Shastram” Shastras having no visual proof can be mostly only speculative and debatable. On the other hand, Jyothisha being provable by theorizing and discussions, becomes a Pratyaksha Shastra with Sun and Moon as its witnesses which are visible and verifiable of their movements.

By Acharya Shripardhey Kulkarni

A few words from Sub-editor:

I am pleased to welcome you, dear readers, to Gurukul astrological magazine, a place where astrologers present their insights, innovations, findings, thoughts and musings of the heart. Today there is an astrological renaissance taking place within the world at large. Never before have people from different cultures mixed and matched astrological studies like some grand collage. Americans and Europeans are crazed for the astrology of India, the Middle East, and China while simultaneously those in China, India and yet other countries are grabbing hold of modern American schools of thought concerning astrology. All techniques and perspectives stand ready for us with the click of a button, making research possible as it never before has been. This magazine stands as a new face in the court of astrological revival. We the managers and editors of this magazine, invite you to a literary garden wherein flowers of thought emit enrapturing scents of astrological and philosophical profundity poised to widen and expand your consciousness concerning this most ancient of art forms in its manifold appearances. Glory to God Alone.

By   Astrologer.Lars C.Panaro

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